CAMPUS Machine Control

The high quality, user-friendly machine control from HOLZ-HER

CAMPUS – the high quality, user-friendly machine control from HOLZ-HER

The HOLZ-HER machine control is an integral part of the machine’s design. The equipment package includes our comprehensive CAMPUS/NC Hops software. This package provides the prerequisites for effective machining and convenient operation. Our ECO Mode automatic standby control is a standard feature on all HOLZ-HER CNC machining centers for software-controlled minimization of the power consumption.

  • CAMPUS aCADemy is a full-value, high-performance CAD/CAM software package with multiple import possibilities.
  • In addition to variable programming, 3D views and simulations, the NC Hops editor offers full Z axis interpolation and a text editor.
  • »Easy Snaps«, adjustable parameters and well-conceived macros additionally simplify and speed up program control.
  • The work center shows the occupancy of the machine table. Tools, drilling heads and paths are automatically optimized for all workpieces and the machining times are calculated.
  • The tool manager MT Manager allows clear, graphic set-up using »Drag & Drop«.
  • Including sequence simulation.
  • Open software architecture allows simple incorporation of existing data and connection to a wide range of branch, design and CAD/CAM softwares.