Technical Data at a Glance

7122 - 4-axisOptions
Edge routing dimensions
in X direction (mm)
3,620 | 4,520 | 5,420
Edge routing dimensions
in Y direction (mm)
in Z direction (mm)
Machining height
in Z direction (mm)
Cutter unit11 kW, ceramic bearing, 1,000 – 24 ,000 rpm, air-cooled11 / 16 kW, 1,000 – 24,000 rpm, liquid-cooled
Vector speed131 m/min.
Safety equipment3-field foot mat (pendular machining)Safety bumper
Workpiece support6 Consoles, 8 stops,
4 charging aids, laser pointer
X-Move machine table
Drilling head1.7 kW, 16 spindles (10 V | 6 H), sawing unit in X direction3.0 kW, 24 spindles (18 V | 6 H), sawing unit in X direction
Vector axisInfinitely rotating C axis,
fully interpolating
Workpiece clamping100 m³/h vacuum pump, dry-running version140 / 250 m³/h vacuum pump
Tool changer18-Position traveling disk tool changer14-Position pick-up tool changer with tool cover / 40/50/60-position shuttle type tool changer
Software2 x CAMPUS V6; Hops; aCADemy; 3D simulation; CabinetControl Base
Weight (kg)4,300 kg


* The technical data specified is intended for reference only. HOLZ-HER woodworking machines are subject to constant development and are therefore subject to modification without prior notice.