Technical Data at a Glance

6220 LiftOptions
  • Above lift table
  • Panel alignment unit
Cutting length x cutting width (mm)4,300 x 4,200
Drives, basic machine

Sawing unit

Motor output (kW)1821 / 25 with speed control
Saw blade dia. (mm)430 x 4.4 x 30
Speed (rpm)1,000 - 3,5701,000 - 4,400

Scoring unit

Motor output (kW)2.23 with speed control
Saw blade dia. (mm)180 x 4.4/5.4 x 30
Speed (rpm)1,000 - 5,5001,000 - 5,500

Postforming unit

Motor output (kW)3
Saw blade dia. (mm)280 x 4.55 x 30
Speed (rpm)4,800 rpm

Saw carriage

Feed rate (m/min)1 - 130
Return rate (m/min)150

Rip fence

Feed rate (m/min)25
Return rate (m/min)100

Workpiece clamps

Opening dimension130
Cutting length 4,300 mm7 Each 2 additional

Air cushion tables

Cutting length 4 300 4 EachAdditional air cushion tables 1,800 and/or 2,400 mm

Operation and control

CutControl 2, 21.5" Monitor, Windows operating system21.5" Touchscreen

Optimization software

EasyPlan, OptiCut, Material and remnant managementOffice package, OPTI-BASE, OPTI-PRO
Labeling systemPrinter software, label printer, barcode scanner


Technical data

Weight (kg)


Compressed air

Operating pressure (bars)min. 6
Air consumption NL/cutting cycle 32


Basic machine connection dia. (mm)1 x 160
Pressure beam connection dia. (mm)3 x 120 mm
Evacuation capacity (m³/h)4,000 m³/h
Air velocity (m/sec)30 m/sec
* The technical data specified is intended for reference only. HOLZ-HER machines
are subject to constant development and are therefore subject to modification without
prior notice.