5-axis CNC machine: Maximum precision with HOLZHER

The company Ebert Schreinerei & CNC-Technik in Heilbronn has been a convinced HOLZ-HER customer for many years. Even before the carpentry shop started using the new PRO-MASTER 7125 5-axis machining center in 2013, a 7123 CNC machine from HOLZ-HER was already in use.

This is one of the reasons why the present 5-axis CNC machine forms the basis for daily machining work on various materials.

At the Ebert Carpentry Shop the main work consists of milling, drilling, grooving and sawing to format. Another basic competency is setting angular cuts at the many required angles on the state-of-the-art 5-axis CNC machining center, which allows maximum machining precision. Examples are furniture parts, door fronts and shelves as well as complete cabinets. Moreover the CNC machine also allows production of samples. The carpentry shops range of work also includes generation of free shapes as well as interior and exterior radiuses with maximum geometric precision.

All series and single parts are produced on the 5-axis CNC machining center. Processing includes the following types of materials:

  • Wood materials
  • Solid wood
  • Composite materials
  • Mineral materials
  • Various plastics and synthetic materials

The CNC milling equipment ensures reproducibility and subsequent production at any time - an advantage the Ebert Carpentry Shop appreciates greatly.

Further images

Experience with HOLZ-HER CNC 5-axis from HOLZ-HER - positive experience with CNC machining center
Experience with HOLZ-HER CNC - examples of work, wood processing
Experience with HOLZ-HER CNC - examples of work, wood processing, precision work