Drilling Unit and Cutter Unit as Standard Features

Drilling unit and cutter unit as standard features

Perfect formatting and drilling center for 4-sided formatting work. Standard equipment includes a 19-spindle drilling head and a high performance cutter unit. 

  • Drilling unit
    15 drilling spindles for 5 in-line holes each in X and Y directions as well as 6 horizontal drills and integrated sawing unit for quick and precise results.

    As an option, the EVOLUTION series can also be equipped for even higher performance with an XL drilling head, with up to 22 drilling spindles and grooving saw.
  • Cutter unit

    With the optional performance package, consisting of 10.3 kW cutter spindle with ceramic bearings and HSK collet chuck for automatic tool change and 6-fold tool changer, your EVOLUTION is ready to meet any challenge.