Technical Data SECTOR 1254

Technical dataSECTOR 1254
Cutting depth60 mm
Cutting length| Cutting height3,300 mm / 4,300 mm  |  1,900 mm
4,300 mm / 5,300 mm  |  2,200 mm
Trimming height1,810 mm / 2,110 mm
Saw blade dia. (mm)250 mm
Air requirement1400 m3/h
Air flow rate≥ 20 m/sec
Attachment connection dia.120 mm
Connection dia., frame end
(TRK version)
100 mm
Connection dia., customer-side evacuationAdditional 160 mm
Static vacuum1500 Pa
Weight900 kg - 1,200 kg


The technical data specified are intended for reference only. HOLZ-HER machines are subject to constant development and are therefore subject to change without prior notice.