Technische Daten SECTOR 1257

Standard equipment
Sawing Unit

5.5 kW
5,240 rpm | 50 Hz

Pneumatic brake for horizontal cut

ProLock Quick Clamp Flange

Infinitely arrestable sawing unit for safe tool change

Up to max. 9.0 kW infinite speed control from 1,100 to 5,500 rpm

Patented SuperCut Prescoring System

Sawing beams

Top and bottom pneumatic arrest

Three adjustable sawing points in sawing beam

Additional adjustable sawing points in sawing beam

Saw support

Center workpiece support over entire length

Bottom stainless steel workpiece support

System for two narrow parts

Pneumatically diverting alignment grate for horizontal cut

Dimension display

Digital horizontal dimension display incl. electric motor fine adjustment on control panel

Longitudinal stop using measuring tape with integrated small part stop

Second longitudinal stop with measuring tape or digital display

Digital longitudinal stop with precision adjustment

Optimization10" Touch screen with Opti-Base V-Cut cutting optimization Network office license incl. EasyLabel printer


TRK Dust Evacuation (CE requirement for woodworking shops)

GeoMetric angle cutting attachment

Strip stop for precise repetition cuts

Technical dataSECTOR 1257
Cutting depth (mm)80
Cutting length | cutting height (mm)4,300 / 5,300 / 6,300 |  2,200 mm
Trimming height2,110
Saw blade dia. (mm)303
Air requirement (m³/h)1,400
Air velocity (m/sec)≥ 20
Attachment connection dia. (mm)120
Connection dia., frame end (mm) - TRK version100
Static vacuum (Pa)1,500
Weight (kg)900 - 1,200

The technical data specified are intended for reference only. HOLZ-HER machines are subject to constant development and are therefore subject to change without prior notice.