CNC Machines with DirectCut function

Laser support for perfect cutting - nothing is faster or simpler!

The innovative “DirectCut” cutting solution is included as a standard feature on all NEXTEC machines from HOLZ-HER. Individual cuts can be activated using the teach-in feature and the CNC machine then completes a precision cut along the cutting line marked previously with the line laser. On the 5-axis version of the 7735, a saw blade can also be clamped to the 5-axis head for this purpose.

 "Unique: Laser support for fast cutting”

Easy specification of the desired workpiece dimensions and quantities allows an appropriate CNC program to be generated fully automatically using the DirectCut module. The main attraction here – two line lasers included as standard features show the operator the position of the uncut panel and the programmed cutting lines in the X and Y directions. Simple with CNC accuracy!