NEXTEC - The revolution for your workshop

CNC machining without any programming – that’s the way to build furniture today!

The new NEXTEC from HOLZ-HER revolutionizes the way joineries work and makes them fit for the challenges of the future. Innovative software from HOLZ-HER forms the basis of the NEXTEC technology. This involves simply selecting the required cabinet type on the machine monitor. If necessary, you can vary the dimensions for the piece of furniture and select the required panel material along with the quantity to be produced. NEXTEC is the complete solution for efficient production, individual and contemporary presentation and effective selling of furniture.

Select. Position. Ready. Three steps for a finished piece of furniture!


One mouse click is all it takes! A request with the click of a mouse is all you need to create CNC programs for all individual parts and for fully-automatic nesting which is optimized for the selected panel material via the BetterNest software.


Position and start program! Now simply position the required raw panel on the NEXTEC machining center and press program start. The CNC does the rest: perfect formatting, drilling of all vertical holes and grooves – and the real highlight: milling the Lamello P-System cutouts on the edges, as well as in X and Y directions on the surface. No reclamping, and no loss of time or quality!


Completely machined workpieces! The fully machined workpieces are now taken from the machine table, and if necessary edged, and the furniture carcass is assembled, either using conventional connector technology, dowels and special nesting connectors or the Lamello P-System connectors.