The 5-axis machine from HOLZ-HER was an absolutely great decision

Reference 5-axis CNC Pro-Master 7125 from HOLZ-HER

Max’s Furniture Workshop is a carpentry shop specializing in construction of furniture and interior furnishings. Two years ago, the 10-man company managed by Maximilian Sammer took a step typical today: They invested in a machining center. In the meantime they know: “The 5-axis machine from HOLZ-HER was an absolutely great decision.”

Profitable production. After working with the Pro-Master 7125 for two years, Sammer is convinced today: “The decision we made was absolutely right”. In addition to daily work, this is demonstrated by special applications such as building solid wood shelves for wine bottles, produced in the form of a wooden disk with concave fillets centered around the middle. A cylinder in the center of the disk was drilled to fit the bottle necks. “The 5-axis machine allowed us to cut the individual concave fillets as well as produce the cylinder with a minimum of work”, explained Schwarzmeier. “With any other machine we would have needed an angle attachment again.”

In his opinion this is also one of the greatest advantages of the 5-axis machine: You save tools and angle attachments. As planned. And beside that the machining work is a great deal faster today. “We used to have to put a part through a machine with one tool three or four times. Today we do everything in one pass”, he asserted. “Production of parts, for which we had to construct templates, used to require a great deal of time. Today we have them finished in a wink of the eye. And the precision is even better!”

The higher performance of the machining center has allow Max to take a great step forward in the production of interior doors as well. “We don’t build standard doors, we provide custom solutions: flush with the wall, large surface, with Tectus hinges”, continued Sammer. “The 7125 makes it easy. And the handling is also greatly improved: We used to have to carry the door back and forth. Today we set it on the machine once. Then it is sanded and painted. Finished.”

In the meantime it is also considerably easier to produce parts damaged during installation or with flaws. “These parts are already programmed, so the 5-axis machine gives us a gigantic advantage”, confirmed Sammer. “All totaled, we produce our parts more profitably today. Previously, when we produced a kitchen on conventional machines, the follow-up calculation usually turned out very poor. Now with CNC our profitability has increased considerably.

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Reference customer Max's Furniture Workshop for Pro-Master 7125 CNC machining center