First-class results due to Clamex processing

The vertical machining center Evolution 7405 "connect" in use at joinery of our reference customer Pillmayer

The joinery Pillmayer located in Bad Boll operates for a long time in woodworking under the leadership of Timo Kraus. With a lot of hard work and craftsmanship the small joinery became a well-known company. Based on experiences collected in over a century of existence, the joinery Pillmayer is still focusing on quality and customer satisfaction.

As of late Mr. Pillmayer invested in a new machining centre EVOLUTION 7405 from the HOLZ-HER company. Unique in its class, the EVOLUTION 7405 4mat offers absolutely precise edge routing on all four workpiece edges and thus complete formatting for panel material. The new “connect” version opens up completely new possibilities allowing pockets and grooves to be cut for connectors such as the P-System Connector from Lamello. Naturally, you can cut pockets for these - as well as other - connectors on all four edges as well as in the X and Y direction. For this purpose HOLZ-HER has supplemented the EVOLUTION to include an additional seventh tool changer location as well as the matching programming macro.