Right through the ceiling - nothing is impossible

Referenzkunde Miller mit seinem vertikalen CNC Bearbeitungszentrum HOLZHER EVOLUTION 7405

It was certainly an adventurous process installing the EVOLUTION 7405 CNC machining center in Frank Miller’s Carpentry Shop in Vilsingen. Due to the limited space available, the master carpenter opened up the workshop roof in August 2016, to get the new CNC machine into the workshop in an very unconventional manner - through the roof with a crane.

The EVOLUTION 7405 allows work in a very limited space, and is therefore the perfect solution for Miller’s Carpentry Shop. Now it is possible to perform precision CNC machining with only 5 square meters of space. Miller’s Carpentry Shop even produces block frames with the new EVOLUTION 7405. The carpentry shop’s line of products also includes production of custom furniture as well as stairs for private and corporate customers.

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Referenzkunde Miller ist sehr zufrieden mit seiner vertikalen CNC Maschine EVOLUTION 7405